Muay Thai Documentaries and TV Shows – The Directory

There are so many Muay Thai documentaries and TV shows out there, but discovering them and finding links to watch them online can be difficult. Here, I’ve built a directory where you can find all of them in one place. Videos are separated by type (documentary or TV series, and those based on child fighters have their own category). Click on the film titles for direct links to watch them.

If you know of any Muay Thai documentaries, films or TV shows that need to be added, please submit them by commenting below or contacting me via the Under the Ropes Facebook page

Muay Thai Documentaries

A Day in the Life of a Muay Thai Fighter 


This is a mini documentary about Malaysian fighter, Bernard ‘Headhunter’ Radin, who was a fighter for Contender Asia 2.

A Lanna Trilogy 


This is a three-part documentary on Lanna gym in Chiang Mai, filmed by ‘Brave Dave‘ over three trips there in 2001, 2003 and 2005. Watch it on YouTube and read Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu’s review.

A Muay Thai Pilgrimage


An 18-minute film about Angela Chang, a fighter from New York living in Bangkok for several years. It follows her in the lead-up to her bout on a Top King World Series show in Ayutthaya.

Beautiful Boxer


This is a movie based on a true story, but simply had to be included here. This famous film is based on Parinya Charoenpol, who we know as Nong Toom, a now world-renowned transgender Muay Thai fighter. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Blessed with Venom


A feature-length documentary on the life and career of John Wayne Parr, which is available in full on Youtube. You can watch the trailer and check it out on IMDb.

Born for the Fight


Filmed in 1992 and broadcast on National Geographic, Born for the Fight gives an in-depth look into the history and culture of Muay Thai while following the lives of three fighters; Namkabuan, Saenliam at Sidyodtong in Pattaya and Oran, a young fighter from Buriram.

Breaking a Taboo: A Muay Thai Fighter in Afghanistan

This 2021 short documentary follows 18-year old Shukria Bahmani, a fighter and gold medalist who trains with her sister and fights for Afghanistan’s national team. Shukria describes how societal expectations of women and threats of violence impact her life and her fighting career. 

Buakaw: Boxer, Legend, Legacy


A 2015 Muay Ties documentary about Buakaw. There are three different trailers (which you can watch here, here and here). See more info on IMDb.

Dreamchasers: I Want to be a Muay Thai Fighter


Dreamchasers is a reality TV series on A&E network, but it’s featured here in the documentaries section because this Muay Thai-related episode was just a one-off. It followed Nat McIntyre, a 31-year old amateur fighter from Minnesota, as he travels to Thailand to train at Lanna Muay Thai and has his first fight in Thailand. Since then, Nat has won IKF and WKA professional titles, and is now a trainer at The Academy in Minnesota. Nat gives talks the viewer through the entire process from leaving his home gym to coming out of his fight against JR from Lanna Muay Thai. You can watch it by clicking the above link and scrolling down to the bottom, where you’ll find the video embedded.

Fighting Chance


This is the story of Rawai Muay Thai, in Khao Lak. The gym’s founders, Diana and Tuk, talk about how they met and set up the gym together, and how they care for their fighters.

Fight – League of Legends


This 27-minute documentary follows Tanet ‘Jacky’ Puangngoen, a Thai-Chinese fighter living in Hong Kong. He’s also a gamer, and when he’s not training, he’s playing League of Legends. He talks about the parallels between his two passions as he competes in the Hong Kong Muay Thai championship.

Fighter: The Legend of a Thai Boxer


In this 8-minute short film, trainer and ex-fighter Wisarut Wat Suksriwararak talks about how the true art of Muay Thai is being lost as the sport becomes more commercialized. “Now, Muay Thai is more about business than tradition”, he says.

Fighting the Dream


An excellent 5-minute documentary about Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu and her journey to have 100 fights in Thailand.

Fight Club Asia


A National Geographic documentary that follows Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao, Bpragaiphet Eminent Air and Fa Tong Lanna Muay Thai.

Fight or Flight


Fight or Flight is described as a “multi-award-winning film set in Thailand. Based on an Irishman’s journey into the fighting circuit in Muay Thai boxing. The award-winning film explores Buddhism & Thai culture and a westerners initiation into the sport – with spectacular cinematography showing Thailand’s beauty and spectacular scenery”. You can watch the trailer, and rent or buy the full movie

Gambpan กำปั้น


Gambpan (which means ‘fist’) is a short Thai film that follows a young girl named Yui as she finds Muay Thai and has her first fight. It’s in Thai with English subtitles. You can watch it on Facebook.

Gina Carano – Fight in Thailand


A 20-minute documentary covering Gina Carano as she trains with Master Toddy for a fight in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Girl Power – Thai Style

A short feature on Nong Benz Sit. Dobwad by PRI’s The World on how her fight career helps her to pay for her education and to support her family. Read the full feature to find out more.

Inside the Fight – Battle of the Beltsjoes

A Can’t Stop Crazy production on Joe Schilling and his fight against Karapet Karapetyan for the WBC Light-heavyweight world title.

Into the Fire


This two-part documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of some of the world’s best Muay Thai fighters as they strive to become Muay Thai Premier League and WMC World Champions. Watch the trailer

Episode 1 features Miriam Nakamoto, Kevin Ross, Germain De Randamie and Baxter Humby.

Episode 2 features Buakaw, Ernesto Hoost, Simon Marcus, Julie Kitchen, Valentina Shevchenko and more.

Jerome Adamoli: Portrait of a Muay Thai Fighter


This is a mini documentary about French fighter Jerome Adamoli, who trains under Krongsak in Paris.

John Wayne Parr: Fox Sports Special


A 2-hour feature by Fox Sport Australia in which Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini interviews John Wayne Parr. It includes clips from some of his best fights throughout his career. Filmed in 2006.

Kiatmoo9: Building a Legacy


This documentary is mainly an interview with Kiatmoo9’s manager, Sudja Pumprakorn, and Jerdja Kiatmoo9, the gym’s head trainer.

Kick Fighters


A National Geographic documentary following John Wayne Parr, Masato and Buakaw Por. Pramuk as they prepare for the K1-World Max Championship.

KO a Bangkok


A 16-minute documentary by French TV1 about Antione and Leo Pinto, filmed at Siangboxing Gym. 

Life in the Cock Fighting Pit


A 20-minute documentary about Phet Jee Jaa, the 12-year-old ‘girl who fights boys’. The film starts from the point at which she was banned from fighting boys (as all girls were) and goes on to show the subsequent effect on her and her family. Edit: This video is no longer available on YouTube. 

Life of Buakaw


A short anime about Buakaw, starting with his fight against Dutch champion, Andy Souwer in the K1 world Max Tournament in 2005, which he unexpectedly lost. It then gives the story of Buakaw’s childhood discovery of Muay Thai before depicting his rematch with Souwer in 2006. Edit: This video is no longer available on YouTube.



Lumpini delves into the world of gambling at the famous stadium and how it affects Muay Thai. It follows Saenchai, one of the most famous fighters in the sport; and Kwankao, a young fighter chasing the 130lb Lumpini stadium title. The documentary asks, “can the stadium and the sport survive the existential crisis wrought by corruption?” The film costs $3.99 to rent on Vimeo.

MTV’s True Life – ‘I’m a Muay Thai Fighter’


An episode of MTV’s ‘True Life’ series which followed Kit Cope and Ben Garcia as they trained with Master Toddy in Las Vegas and travelled to Thailand to compete in the annual bare-knuckle, Thailand vs. Burma event in Mae Sot in 2004. There only seems to be some poor quality videos of this episode on YouTube, but you can watch a feature on the entire bare-knuckle event (which is much longer and has a lot more fight footage) on YouTube in separate parts (Ben Garcia’s fight is in part 3 and Kit Cope’s fight is in part 7): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

Muay Thai Daughters – Pride of the Family


This documentary by Asia Insight takes a look at the family of Looksaikongdin Gym, which consists of 14 siblings, all of whom are fighters. It focuses on Aida and Duangdownoi Looksaikongdin as they prepare for big matches.

Muay Thai Documentary 8 Limbs: Life of a Nak Muay


A Liverkick documentary about two fighters from Phuket Top Team — Kru Lucky and Yoduman. Watch part 1  and part 2.

Muay Thai Boxing in Bangkok


A 5-minute film featuring 17- year old Ong-ard Padnamu and 20-year old Ekkachai Dangsuntad as they train at 96 Peenang Gym in Bangkok.

Muay Thai Every Corner

muay thai every corner documentary

A 48-minute film in English and Spanish. The DVD no longer seems to be available for purchase, but you can watch the trailer on YouTube.

Muay Thai Superstars – Antione Pinto


A Siangboxing documentary on Antione Pinto and his rise to stardom in Thai Fight. This film is in Thai language.

One Arm Strong


This is only 2 minutes long, but I think it’s worth sharing. It shows the inspiring story of Baxter Humby, a Canadian fighter known as the ‘One-Armed Bandit’. Baxter’s right hand was amputated at birth. Throughout his career, he’s won a number of belts including world titles. Edit: This video is no longer available on Vimeo. 

One-Handed Fighter


A 5-minute piece on Prakaipetch Eminent Air, who was born with only one hand.

Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds to Freedom

This Showtime documentary follows the Prison Fight program, which offers inmates the chance to win their freedom in the form of a royal pardon by competing in Muay Thai. It includes the previous story of Sirimongkol Singwancha, a boxing champion who was imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine, and was freed 3 years into his 20-year sentence after winning the WBC Welterweight Asia Intercontinental title. It also follows current inmate Noy Khaopan, a fighter and inmate 5 years into a prison sentence for murder, as he hopes to be released in the same way.

PTT Petchrungruang


An 8-minute documentary on PTT Petchrungruang. He talks about how lots of teenage boys get tired of fighting and give up, but he refuses to do so himself, despite having a year-long losing streak. He also says that his dream is to fight on Thai Fight. Three years later, he’s now been signed to the promotion. Read Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu’s post on him to find out more about his story.

Ramon Dekkers – The Man Behind the Knockouts


Interviews with the legendary Dutch pioneer of Muay Thai.

Ramon Dekkers – A Living Legend


A shorter, 10-minute documentary on Ramon Dekkers and his career.

Ring Girls


Master Toddy mentors Gina Carano, Christina Toledo, Lisa King, LaTasha Marzolla and Ardra Hernandez and takes them to Thailand to fight against Thai fighters. You can watch it in Youtube videos separated into ten parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10.

Road to Greatness – The Art of Muay Thai Boxing


A short, 5-minute piece featuring Stephan Fox and Clifton Brown. Stephan talks about the WMC’s Muay Thai Against Drugs campaign, which encourages children to learn Muay Thai and promotes awareness of the dangers of drugs. Clifton goes to a Thai school to promote the campaign to the students.

Saiyok Pumpanmuang by Elite Boxing


A 20-minute feature on Saiyok Windy Sport (Pumpanmuang) and his life inside and outside of the ring.

Serious Crush – Gina Carano


OK, this one is actually MMA-related, but it’s just a little one. It’s a short feature by ESPN that covers Gina Carano’s transition to MMA from Muay Thai and the controversy that was involved.

Stand Your Ground


Stand Your Ground is the story of Brendan Mcdonnell and how Muay Thai helped him deal with his father’s suicide. At the moment, only the trailer is available.

The Noble Art of Muay Thai


This film breaks down different techniques and principles of Muay Thai in both traditional and modern aspects.

Thai Boxing- A Fighting Chance


A documentary filmed in 2002 and narrated by Jason Statham that follows three fighters — Sam Sheridan, a Harvard graduate who is training in Thailand with Apidet; Boonterm Kitmuti, a female Thai fighter and 29-year old mother of two who was previously forbidden to fight due to sexist tradition; and Gongprai Sor. Jintana, a young fighter from Ayutthaya.

Thai Prison Fights by Vice’s Fightland


A 10-minute documentary on the Prison Fight event at Khlong Prem prison in 2013, where prisoners fought in Muay Thai bouts against foreigners for the opportunity for reduced sentences (read my post on my visit to Prison Fight).

Top of Thailand: The Best of the Best in Muay Thai


A 20-minute documentary on Anuwat, Yodsanklai and Saenchai, narrated by Rob Cox. Watch part 1 and part 2.

Under the Lights in Thailand

under the lights in thailand

This documentary follows the USA Muay Thai Team as they take part in the 2014 WMF Pro-Am World Championship tournament. You can watch it on YouTube.

Under the Ropesylviedocumentary

Under the Rope is an eight-minute documentary about Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu. Its creator, Simon Mulvaney, describes it as “the story of how a feminist from the U.S.A. fell in love with a foreign community that has gender inequality at the core of its values”.

Where Cultures Collide: Muay Thai


This is a 5-minute video from KCET about Jackie Buntan. She talks about how she got into Muay Thai and why she loves the sport.

Win. Lose. Forgive

win lose forgive

A 27-minute short film, filmed in 2012 featuring Monlit Sitpohdaeng and Jongsanan along with Ben Brown, who is a student of theirs at PHAS3 Martial Arts in California. See the film’s website and watch the trailer. You can watch the film in full on YouTube and on Vimeo.

Muay Thai Documentaries on Child Fighters

Buddha’s Lost Children


This is a fantastic documentary about the Golden Horse Monastery in Northern Thailand, where travelling monk Kru Bah teaches the local children the art of Muay Thai. The documentary was previously available in full on YouTube, but now seems to have been removed. You can watch the trailer on Youtube and read Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu’s review of the movie. Visit the Buddha’s Lost Children website for more information. 

Buffalo Girls


Todd Kellstein’s wonderful documentary about Stamp (now Stamp Fairtex) and Pet, two eight-year-old girls in rural Thailand who fight Muay Thai to support their families. Read Sylvie von Duuglas -Ittu’s review of this documentary for more information. Buffalo Girls is available to watch on Amazon. Watch the Buffalo Girls trailer

Children of the Ring by E:60


A 15-minute film by ESPN on children fighting Muay Thai in Thailand. The full video is no longer available online, but you can watch a snippet on Facebook, and read an ESPN article about the documentary. 

Child Thai Boxers: A Fighting Chance


This 12-minute documentary follows the story of Bpaet, a young fighter at Wor. Wattana Gym.

Muay Thai Children Fighting for Cash


A 23-minute documentary by Unreported World, which follows child fighters in Isaan and explores the topic of exploitation in Muay Thai.

Raised in the Ring


A documentary following five young fighters in Northern Thailand. The full film doesn’t seem to be available online, but you can watch the trailer on YouTube. See more info on IMDb.

Strictly Baby Fight Club


A Channel 4 documentary on children’s Thai boxing in the UK, which follows five young fighters including Iman Barlow’s younger brother, Thai. The documentary is no longer available on Channel 4, which could possibly be due to the controversy it caused among the UK Muay Thai community after it’s release, as a result of its rather negative and unfair representation of the sport. However, it has been uploaded to YouTube in 3 parts.

Strictly Baby Fight Club – Part 1 

Strictly Baby Fight Club – Part 2

Strictly Baby Fight Club – Part 3

Taboo – Child Boxers of Thailand


A documentary from National Geographic’s ‘Taboo’ series. The above link is from Damien Trainor’s website and includes a short review from him. The full episode doesn’t seem to be available online, but there is a 3-minute clip on YouTube.

Thailand’s Child Fighters

A 26-minute Al Jazeera 101 East documentary about child fighters in Thailand, filmed after 13-year old Anucha Tasako tragically died after being knocked out in a fight in Samut Prakarn. The documentary includes an interview with his opponent, 15-year old Nithikorn. 

Torn Cloth


A documentary filmed at a gym in Northern Thailand about young boys who take up Muay Thai and compete in bare-knuckle matches. The full film is not yet available, but you can watch the trailer on YouTube. See more info in IMDb

Muay Thai TV Shows

The Contender Asia


A 2008 reality TV series, filmed in Singapore and hosted by WMC Vice President, Stephan Fox. 16 aspiring middleweight fighters from around the world were put together in a house and divided into two opposing teams. They took part in challenges and fought against each other for the Contender title and a cash prize of $150,000.

Episode 1: Naruepol vs. Trevor Smandych

Episode 2: Sean Wright vs. Jams Martinez

Episode 3: John Wayne Parr vs. Rafik Bakkouri

Episode 4: Yodsaenklai vs. Bruce Macfie

Episode 5: Soren Monkongtong vs. Alain Slyvestre

Episode 6: Dzhabar Askerov vs. David Pacquette

Episode 7: Zidov “Akuma” Dominik vs. Kim Khan Zaki “Zig Zach”

Episode 8: Jose “Pitu” Sans vs. Joakim “Yukay” Karlsson

Episode 9: Yodsaenklai vs. Naruepol

Episode 10: Sean Wright vs. Joakim “Yukay” Karlsson

Episode 11: John Wayne Parr vs. Zidov “Akuma” Dominik

Episode 12: Soren Monkongtong vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Episode 13: Yodsaenklai vs. Sean Wright

Episode 14: Yodsaenklai vs. John Wayne Parr

 The Challenger Muay Thai


Stephan Fox’s 2011 follow up to Contender Asia. Fighters included Antoine Pinto, Cyrus Washington and Jordan Watson. Full episodes don’t seem to be available online, but are some clips of some of the fights on YouTube. Watch a teaser here.

Fight Girls


A reality TV show in which seven American female fighters, including Miriam Nakamoto and Felice Herrig, live and train together. They’re trained by Master Toddy, with Gina Carano and Lisa King as mentors. They compete against each other before going to Thailand to fight against Thai opponents. 

Episode 1 – Hit me with your Best Shot

Episode 2 – Hungry like the Wolf

Episode 3 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Episode 4 – Breaking Us in Two

Episode 5 – Another One Bites the Dust

Episode 6 – Revenge

Episode 7 – Hurts So Good

Inside the Fight – USA vs. Thailand


A four-part series following some of the best Muay Thai fighters in America as they fight against Thai champions.

Episode 1

Episode 2 – Romie Adanza vs. Lansuanlek Sasiprapa

Episode 3 – Kevin Ross vs. Sagetdao Petchpayathai

Episode 4 – Joe Schilling vs Kaoklai Kaenorasing

Muay Thai Girl


Muay Thai girl is a fictional drama series from Singapore, based around a Muay Thai fighting main character named Samantha.

Episode 1 – Samantha

Episode 2 – Confession

Episode 3 – Happy Birthday

Episode 4 – Her Past

Episode 5 – Smashed

Episode 6 – Bubble Wrapped

Episode 7 – Sisters

Episode 8 – Homecoming

Episode 9 – Reunion

Episode 10 – Stand Up

Muay Thai Journal


Episode 1 – Pornsanae Sitmonchai

Episode 2 – Sam A Gaiyanghaadao

Episode 3 – The Next Generation

Episode 4 – Petchatsawin Seatransferry

Episode 5 – Rungubon Eminent Air

Episode 6 – Rob Cox

Episode 7 – Social Mobility ft. Abigail McCullough

Episode 8 – Petchisaan Seatransdiscovery

Episode 9 – Justin Greskiewicz

Episode 10 – Thanit ‘Boom’ Watthanaya

Episode 11 – Giatbundit Gym

Tuff Girls


The follow-up to Master Toddy’s Ring Girls and Fight Girls. This reality series features nine female fighters from around the world who train with him in Bangkok for six weeks. They fight each other before going on to fight Thai opponents. This series was aired on Canada’s Fight Network and Australia’s Fuel TV, but is currently unavailable online. You can watch the trailer and the pilot episode online.

Shin on Shin by Liverkick


A series by Liverkick focusing on Muay Thai and kickboxing in Europe. It’s broken down into 20-minute Episodes, listed below.

Shin on Shin Episode 1: The Fall, Hated Dominance, Unappreciated Brilliance

Shin on Shin Episode 2: Alexey Ignashov The First Next Big Thing, Badr Hari The People’s Champ

Shin on Shin Episode 3: The Wages of the Wars, In Honor of those we lost…

Shin on Shin Episode 4: They Call it a War

Shin on Shin Episode 5: The Tour

Shin on Shin Episode 6: The Never Ending Story (Women’s Fighting)

Shin on Shin Episode 7: From the Gym to the Corner (Coaches)

Shin on Shin Episode 8: Where They Hate the Heroes (Holland)

Shin on Shin Episode 9: The Ambassador Remy Bonjasky, Stars of the Future

Shin on Shin Episode 10: The Pretty Killer, The King of the Ring

Warriors of the Mongkol


An Australian series showcasing some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the country. There are 2 seasons, each with 5 episodes. You can watch them all on the Warriors of the Mongkon YouTube channel

Help the directory to grow. If you know of any Muay Thai documentary or TV show that isn’t listed here, please submit it in a comment below.

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  1. Thank You so much for this list. I’m excited to watch all of these documentary’s on my beloved Must Thai. Sawadee krap.


  2. Great list! I’ll have to share it.

    Fists if Pride. Another child boxing documentary about the Burmese refugee children training along the northern border.


  3. Wow Emma, how long did that list take you to compile!? That is so comprehensive, with pictures and everything! Thanks for putting this together.

    On a personal note, “Beautiful Boxer” is my favorite of everything mentioned on this list (though admittedly I’ve only seen like a 10th of things listed). It makes me cry every time I see it. Just watching the trailer can make me cry!


    • Thanks, Lindsey!

      It took be the best part of an entire day to get it done. It was one of those days where you accidentally find yourself still hammering away at your keyboard 12 hours later.. I have a few of these yet to watch, myself! Beautiful Boxer is definitely a good one 🙂


    • Jesse,

      Thanks so much for posting this, please do let me know when the finished film is out! So you filmed at the WMF tournament in March? I look forward to seeing it and I’ll be sure to add it here when it’s done 🙂

      – Emma


      • Hey Emma,

        Yep I filmed much of the tournament and followed team USA for the entirety. The doc will be about that, as well as a nice look into Muay Thai itself! I’ll be sure to let you know when, but it’s basically out of post production now and we’re working on festivals next!


  4. This is a great list. Thanks for compiling! Here is another Muay Thai documentary that is now available to view for free online (links lower down on the page where it says ‘Where to View’). It features legendary Muay Thai Coaches Jongsanan Woodenman and Monlit Sitphodaeng. It was produced in 2013


  5. Thank you for compiling this list and keeping it updated too!! Really helps me save me time rather then googling for muay thai documentaries everytime;)

    Keep up the great work:)


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  12. Thank you for starting and maintaining this list. My Muay Thai documentary “Win. Lose. Forgive.” featuring Jongsanan Woodenman celebrated the 8-year anniversary since its release yesterday. I appreciate being on the list!


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