Interview for the Women Who Fight Podcast

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Women Who Fight, which was created by London-based BJJ practitioners Shanti Gorton and Marina Mavrou. The podcast episode has now been released.

Women Who Fight was created to share stories of women in combat sports, to raise awareness of the issues affecting them, and to tackle inequality. The website bio reads “We empower female fighters to take agency over their training. Our goal is to celebrate and inspire action that works to level the playing field. We talk to experts, uncover prejudice and champion what’s driving our progress”.

In a 2020 interview with Grappling Insider, Shanti and Marina talked about their goals for WF:

“We are actively exploring a wide range of topics; the scientific, the holistic, the social aspects, while also connecting like minded people together. Our aim is to provide solutions and be transparent about our work; who we talk to, what we are asking, and owning any mistakes we make. We are making an authentic investigation into the world of martial arts for women, and challenging what isn’t equal”

– Shanti Gorton and Marina Mavrou, founders of Women Who Fight

During our discussion, Shanti and Marina asked me about my journey as a fighter in Thailand and the response from my family, my activism, and my transition out of fighting and into powerlifting.

Listen below or on iTunes.

You can follow Women Who Fight on Instagram.

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