I’m a communications manager, writer and activist with experience in
blogging, creating content for clients, and running corporate marketing
campaigns. Below are some examples of my work, as well as interviews and profiles by other media outlets.

Defining Consent in Thailand

Unearth Women Magazine

A magazine article for Unearth Women on sex education in Thai society, including an interview with Thai Consent founder Wipaphan Wongsawang.

View the print article in PDF or read the web version of the article.

From Where I Stand: Under the Ropes

UN Women

A profile of my work by UN Women in 2019.

Chef Magazine

Longform articles in Thailand’s Chef Magazine, which required interviewing chefs at Michelin-star restaurants and turning their stories into articles for print.

Read an example issue here.

‘Muay Thai Feminist’

The People

A profile by Thai media outlet The People, highlighting my work as a feminist activist in Muay Thai.

Where to Get Help for Domestic Abuse Survivors in Bangkok

Coconuts Bangkok

An article by Coconut Bangkok which includes references to my work to provide resources for survivors of gender-based violence.

English Educator Blogs


Blog articles for ESL teachers, written using my experience of over 7 years of teaching English to various ages.

Public Speaking

HeForShe University Tour

UN Women

In 2019, I was invited to be a guest speaker along with several other survivor activists, to share personal stories of gender-based violence. We spent a week touring several universities in Bangkok. I also hosted panel talks with experts, and facilitated workshops to help students discuss and brainstorm solutions to gender inequality on their campuses.


South-East Asia’s first-ever gender equality summit

In November 2019, I was a guest speaker at the Dragonfly360 Wo=Men gender equality summit. I made a speech on the importance of gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence in Muay Thai. I also took part in a panel discussion with Melissa Alvarado, UN Women Asia Pacific’s programme manager for ending violence against women; Cindy Sirinya, founder of Don’t Tell Me How to Dress; and Sia Kukaewkasem, founder of Freedom Restoration Project.

Rape & Sexual Assault Survivor Handling Conference for Thai Police

British Embassy, Bangkok

In 2019, I was a guest speaker at a conference to train Thai police officers in responding to cases of sexual violence, held by the British Embassy in Bangkok. I talked about my experience of being sexually assaulted, why I didn’t report, and why I didn’t fight back. The conference also featured a workshop by experts from the Glasgow Clyde Rape Crisis Centre, in which police officers, NGO staff and counsellors discussed how to take a survivor-centred approach.

Human Library

UN Women x Bangkok Rising

The Human Library is a concept from Copenhagen in which people act as ‘books’, telling personal stories to break down stereotypes and challenge stigma. I took part in the organisation of Bangkok’s first Human Library in collaboration with UN Women. I also took part as a speaker, sharing my story, ‘Life As a Female Fighter’.