Two Ladies in the Kingdom is a 2016-2017 podcast where Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu and I discussed what’s going on in female Muay Thai in Thailand. In each episode, we give monthly rundowns on who’s been fighting who and give female fighters as much representation as we can. This goes especially for Thai women, whose careers often stay under the radar. We also talk about our own experiences as female fighters and bloggers living in Thailand and take listener questions. Every episode has a different theme, too.

See below for episodes and click the links to listen, read Sylvie’s in-depth descriptions and view the video for each one.

Episode 1: Gym Hopping

Episode 2: Getting Stuck with One Trainer

Episode 3: Thai Food / Rape Culture Awareness

Episode 4: Overtraining

Episode 5: Training Aggression

Episode 6: Why It’s Hard to Fight Female Thai Fighters

Episode 7: Sylvie Solo on the Road

Episode 8: Emma Talks About her Sexual Assault in Thailand

Episode 9: Getting Caught up – Female Muay Thai in Thailand

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