Where to Stay When You Train at Attachai Muay Thai Gym

A few people have been asking me what the accommodation is like at Attachai Muay Thai. There are a few options, including a dorm for those who live cheaply and stay right at the gym; apartments down the street for those who want a little more comfort; and condos for long-term residents. In this post, I’ll lay all of them out in detail.

Accommodation at the Gym

Here are your options if you’re looking to stay as close to the gym as possible.

Shared Dorms

The cheapest option available is the dorm rooms. They’re right at the gym, opposite where the trainers stay, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping through morning training!

For 1000 baht per day, you can stay in the dorm, train twice a day, and have two meals included. You can get a discounted rate if you book for more than 30 days.

Apartments at The Eden

If you don’t fancy sharing, you can have your own room at a nearby apartment building called The Eden. Attachai himself stays there (although he often ends up just sleeping at the gym).

For a single room at The Eden, including two training sessions and two meals a day, it’s 1,800 baht per day. You can also get a twin room for 1,400 baht per day per person. Discounts are available for long-term stays. Wi-Fi isn’t included, but you can buy a password for around 100 baht for the duration of your stay.

Activities and Amenities at the Gym

One of the best things about this gym is that it has its very own lake. After training, you can go swimming, hop in a boat, or go fishing. It also makes for some really beautiful sunsets.


The gym has a small kitchen and eating area, where meals are cooked after every training session. Some evenings, they have parties and barbecues there, too.

There’s also a huge green space next to the gym, where the fighters often play sepak takraw after training. If you’re not familiar with this sport, think volleyball, but using everything except your hands. It’s good fun!

Nearby Accommodation

If you don’t want to be right at the gym, you won’t be short of options. There are lots of places nearby.

A Space Condo

I spent lots of time looking for what I thought was the best condo project in the area, and landed on A Space Condo. I chose to live here instead of at The Eden because I wanted my own kitchen and a few more home comforts.

It’s not far from the gym at all. All you have to do is come out of the soi, turn right and go straight. I often run there, which only takes me around 15 minutes (and I run pretty slowly). Other days I’ll cycle, but you can also take a songteaw for 8 baht.

It has a really nice swimming pool, although I never use it.


There’s also a community mall, which has a few bars and restaurants, a cafe, and a MaxValu supermarket. It’s super convenient.

The thing I like most about this condo is that it’s tucked away down a quiet soi, away from all the traffic. You don’t have to walk to get to the street, though. There’s a golf cart to pick you up and drop you off, which runs 24 hours a day. The security guards will happily order taxis and motorbikes for you if you want to go out and about, too.

I signed a year-long lease on a one-bedroom, 34 sqm unit there, which costs me 8,500 baht/month. Here’s what it looks like:

LumpiniVille Onnut 46

There’s a Lumpini Condo on Onnut 46, a few sois downs from the gym. I lived in a Lumpini building before my current condo, and found it to be really well-run. They have gyms, swimming pools, and also play areas for children.

Condos here are around 7,500 baht per month. Browse currently available units for rent and see if any of them take your fancy.

Loft 77 Hostel

There’s also a cute little hostel nearby, called Loft 77. It’s on the main Onnut road, around a ten-minute-walk from the gym. Room rates are as low as 750 baht per night.


You’re not limited to these options. You can also browse hotels in the Onnut area and find something you like that way. The gym is on Onnut 36, but you could stay anywhere in Onnut or the surrounding areas and get there easily using public transport.

The Neighbourhood

Onnut is a really convenient area to live in. It’s along the BTS skytrain Sukhumvit line, which makes it easy to get around the city. You can get to the station by taking a songteaw for 8 baht, a motorbike for 50 baht, or a taxi, the cost of which will depend on the traffic.

In terms of shopping, you’re spoiled for choice. For cheap Thai street food, there are two markets at the top of the soi. Of course, there are always 7/11s and Family Marts around, but if you need to pick up some more groceries, you can head to Big C Extra Onnut. There are also two big shopping malls in the area, Seacon Square and Paradise Park. On the weekends, you can visit Rotfai night market, which has lots of great food and clothing stalls, as well as bars, restaurants, and even vintage cars on display.

If you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast or lunch, I can’t recommend Oh La La Cafe enough. They do great sandwiches, omelettes, cakes and English and American breakfasts. In the evenings, I’d recommend going a little further to the W District, which is at the next BTS station. There are tons of food trucks there, one of which does great grilled cheese sandwiches! Lots of people at the gym are fond of Best Beef, which is a really popular buffet restaurant. For 399 baht, you can get unlimited food, soft drinks and beer for 2 hours. If you wan’t to explore a little further, you can easily take the BTS to the city centre.


To book accommodation and training at the gym, email attachaimuaythaigym@gmail.com or contact them via the Attachai Muay Thai Gym Facebook page.

Update, March 2022: Attachai Muay Thai Gym has now shut down its Bangkok location and reopened in Ayutthaya.

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