Interview for ‘A Life Less Ordinary’

I was recently asked by Holli Moncrief to answer some interview questions for her blog,  A Life Less Ordinary.

It’s always so nice to hear from other women who are blogging about their experiences with Muay Thai and it was even nicer that she wanted to share my story. She asked me about how I made the move to Thailand, the challenges I have faced since doing so, what I love about Muay Thai and how I got into it. I’m always happy to share these things in hope that it might inspire someone else to pursue their own journey. As you’ll read in the article, it wasn’t always my plan to stay in Thailand for this long and to still be fighting three years after I arrived, but that is just the beautiful way that it worked out. Her post provides and idea of how I came to this point, as well as a little bit about what my life is like outside of training.

This post, along with the wonderful feedback I’ve received since it was published, came as a nice little reminder of what a fantastic set up I have here in Thailand. I don’t want to say that I’m lucky because I believe that it’s more of a result of carefully-planned choices and perseverance that has allowed me to be in this position, rather than pure luck itself. But I am very thankful, indeed. Reflecting on my journey so far and receiving such kind words and support makes me even more so. It’s lovely to be reminded of how far I’ve come, but the opportunity to inspire others to follow their own dreams is really great.

One of the most wonderful things that has come as a result of setting up Under the Ropes is that it has put me in touch with so many like-minded people. Holli is one of them. She describes herself as a ‘kickboxing writer’, but her blog covers much more than just that. I love reading stories like hers and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. As a professional writer, she is also publishing one of her novels online.

In her own words:

“Holli Moncrieff is a writer and journalist who fell madly in love with Muay Thai in 1998. She believes it has saved her life in every way a person can be saved–physically, mentally and emotionally. She blogs about living a life less ordinary as she uproots her life to move to an island next fall. You can find her at“.

You can read Holli’s interview with me here: Fearless: Ten Questions with Emma Thomas.


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One thought on “Interview for ‘A Life Less Ordinary’

  1. Wow, Emma, what an incredibly sweet thing to do. I’m blushing. It was a pleasure to interview you, and to get to know you online. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for taking the time to answer my (occasionally long-winded) questions. ❤


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