Interview for Lawrence Kenshin

Lawrence Kenshin has been producing excellent technique breakdown videos for some time and sharing them on his Facebook page and Youtube channel. For the past year or so, he’s been taking some of the most-watched moments in Muay Thai and dismantling and explaining them in his wonderful, bite-sized videos. He’s also been producing highlight videos of legendary fighters, including Dieselnoi Chor. Thanasukarn. He’s a great advocate for Muay Thai and I really love his work. He’s recently launched a new website,, where he is also starting to post interviews with people in the Muay Thai world. I count myself very lucky to be able to say that his first one is with me! It is clear, from both the depth of the questions he asked and the time and thought he put into reading so many of my posts and putting together such a comprehensive account of my journey, that he cares deeply about putting quality material out there. I am very grateful that he considered me for his interview series and am really looking forward to see what comes next. This is definitely the start of something exciting. Lawrence wrote the following on his blog:

“Interviews should be timeless, and when it is, something new will always click every time it’s re-read. Thanks to Emma’s thoughtfulness, I’m confident that it’s been achieved here.

As an entertainment spectacle, combat sports hardly takes a glimpse into the passion, emotion, and the great stories of most athletes… Just as technique analyses are meant to change how people perceive combat sports, these type of interviews are meant to change how people perceive its athletes. 

As Robin Black suggested, analysis should trump gossip. Sport should trump spectacle. The great journeys of athletes should also trump the artificial conflict and meaningless rumors. At the very least, it should be alongside it. 

Until the day these ideas move towards the mainstream, it’ll be hard for combat sports to be seen as more than a bloodsport. Until that day comes, my work should persist. If you share the same sentiment… help spread the word and look into the inspirational journeys of these great athletes.”

Read the interview here.

lawrence kenshin interview


Lawrence kenshin striking breakdowns

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