Unter den Seilen – Interview for the Berliner Zeitung

Yesterday, I was featured in Germany’s Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

The article, headlined with the German translation of ‘under the ropes’, talks about the rising popularity of Muay Thai for women.


Writer Caroline Bock came to train with me at Attachai Muay Thai for an afternoon last month for her very first session. After we’d finished, she interviewed me about my experience in Muay Thai and gender equality in Thailand.

You can read an online version of the article, which is titled ‘Wie Frauen das Thaiboxen erobern’ or ‘How Women Conquer Muay Thai’ on the Berliner Zeitung website.

There are also versions of the same article on several other German language websites:

Thaiboxen Wird Bei Frauen Beliebter (Thai Boxing is Becoming More Popular Among Women) for the Morgen Post.

Thaiboxen Wird Bei Frauen Beliebter for RadioBeilefeld.de

Thaiboxen Wird Bei Frauen Beleibter for Handelsblatt.

Thaiboxen Wird Bei Frauen Beleibter for the Main Post.

Unter den Seilen for Der Farang.




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