Awakening One: Julie Kitchen vs. Lindsay Haycraft

If you’re not already familiar with Awakening, let me introduce you. Awakening is one of the most exciting things ever to happen to the female fight community. I wrote about Awakening’s work in a post last year about their 2013 Female Muay Thai Awards. In that post, I wrote the following:

Awakening is an organisation that is doing amazing things for women in martial arts right now. Founded in 2012, it hasn’t been around for all that long, but it has already put itself firmly at the forefront of the female fight community and is campaigning for change in the way that it’s viewed by the general public. Thanks to Awakening, women in martial arts have something that they’ve always hoped for. We now a platform from which to promote ourselves and a network through which to find and support each other. One of the ways that they’ve provided this is with the Global Female Martial Arts Register, where athletes can submit all their information for Awakening to build them their very own profile. They’ve now taken a step further with the Awakening Female Muay Thai Awards 2013.

Since then, Awakening have been continuously working to promote female fighters and strengthen our community. This has all lead towards their newest project, which is very exciting, indeed. They plan to start putting on all-female, international fight events, which can be streamed live online. The first one will be Awakening One. The most exciting thing about this event is that Julie Kitchen will be coming out of retirement to fight for an Awakening world title on the show against Lindsay Haycraft, who is delaying her own retirement for the opportunity.


The Kickstarter Campaign

Awakening has been doing amazing things so far, but they can’t put this show on alone. Therefore, they’re using Kickstarter as a way of raising a portion of the initial costs (which are set at 30,000 GBP). In order to support the show, you have the opportunity to make a donation, in return for which you will be given access to a live stream of the event when it happens (this applies to donations of 7 GBP or more). Those who donate 34 GBP or more will receive a physical ticket to attend the show. If the campaign doesn’t hit the 30,000 GBP goal, no money will be collected and the show won’t go ahead. If it does, this is going to be the start of something wonderful. This is going to be a huge, groundbreaking event and I can’t stress enough how important your support is for making this happen. Watch the below video to find out more about Awakening, the show and how you can help.

Click here to visit the Awakening Kickstarter campaign page.

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